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Proud Of Tipu Sultan




Practically everything that you have ever read about Tipu Sultan is true…
Did he destroy Hindu Temples and Christian Churches?
Yes he did
Did he gave huge donations and grants to 176 temples?
Yes he did
Did he restore the Sringeri Math after our own Marathas had looted it and destroyed the idol of Sharada?
Yes he did on the request of His Holiness the Shankaracharya of Sringeri himself!
Did he forcefully convert Hindus to Islam?
Yes he did
Did he ensure that Dusshera and Diwali were celebrated with full pomp and show in Mysore?
Yes he did
He was a man of many contradictions
And yes, he fought the British like no one else did…
So what was he villain or hero?
Like ALL OF US he was a bit of both!
Fact is we expect everyone to be unidimensional…
We don’t talk about Chandragupta throwing out and killing his own father
Ashoka killing one hundred of his own brothers
Ajatashatru killing his own father Bimbisara finger by finger, piece by piece by piece
Raja Man Singh commanding the Mughal forces against his own Rajput brothers…
Rana Pratap carrying out a campaign against rival Hindu kingdoms
The Marathas’ Reign of terror in Orissa, Bengal, Rajasthan and what is now Haryana…
Tipu Sultan, hero or villain, is OURS!
And we should be proud of him!


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